Jul 1, 2018

New Text-to-Give Numbers

New Text-to-Give Numbers

Jul 1, 2018

Text-to-Give is rapidly becoming one of the preferred methods of donating to Rose Hill Church. Amongst other issues, we heard several of your complaints concerning the challenges you face when attempting to change your credit card information. Therefore, we found it necessary to change from our current text-to-give platform to a more user- friendly system. 

What do I need to do?

  1. Begin using the numbers below to submit your text-to-give donations
    • Acadian Campus: 318-301-3334
    • Baker Campus: 504-684-1953
    • Port Allen Campus: 504-383-9003
  2. Delete the old text-to-give number(s) from your phone    

How do I give with the new text-to-give system?

The text-to-give system uses the same three (3) simple steps as our previous system.
  • Enter a campus phone number from your text message screen
  • Type (in the body of the text message) “$” and “amount” you would like to give (i.e.- $15 to donate $15 to Rose Hill Church)
  • Send text message
    • Note: The first time you use the system, there is a one-time registration 

What does “covering fees” mean?

With each text-to-give transaction, there is a transaction fee. “Covering fees” means that the donor (the person giving the funds) agrees to cover the associated transaction fees on behalf of the recipient (Rose Hill Church). In short, if you select the “covering fees” option, you (the donor) will be charged the transaction fees, and Rose Hill Church will not be charged the associated transaction fees. Call the office with questions or concerns (225-356-5814). 

How do I give to a specific fund using text-to-give?

Type the following keywords at the end of the donation amount.
  • Tithes txt - to give towards “Tithes”
  • Offering txt - to give towards “Offering”
  • Seed txt - to give towards “Seed”
  • Building txt - to give towards the “Building Fund”
  • Pastor txt - to give towards “Pastor’s Love Offering”
Keywords Example: 
Sarah would like to give $50 towards tithes, $10 towards the building fund, and $5 towards Pastor’s Love Offering using text-to-give
Solution: Since Sarah would like to contribute to three different funds, Sarah will have to send the system three separate text messages in the following formation:
  • Text Message 1 (sent to the text-to-give number) – $50 Tithes txt – this submits Sarah’s tithes contribution
  • Text Message 2 – $10 Building txt - this submits Sarah’s building fund contribution
  • Text Message 3 – $5 Pastor txt - this submits Sarah’s Pastor Love Offering contribution
    • IMPORTANTPlease note there is a space between the amount given and the keyword. There is also a space between the keyword and the characters “txt

What will happen to the old text-to-give number? 

On Friday, June 1st, 2018 the old text-to-give phone number(s) will be deactivated and no longer available to receive donations.

How do I…

… Add “Cover fees” to all of my text-to-give transactions?

  • Type “cover fees on” without quotes to the text-to-give number

… Turn off “Cover fees” for all of my text-to-give transactions?

Type “cover fees off” without quotes to the text-to-give number

… Change my card information

Type “card” without quotes to the text-to-give number

… Refund my last text-to-give transaction

Type “refund” without quotes to the text-to-give number
Note: There is a 10-minute time frame to submit a request for a refund. If you would like a refund after 10 minutes, please contact the office. 

Additional Questions or Concerns?

Please Contact the office

Phone: 225-356-5814 OR 225-372-2155
Email: gboley@rosehillchurch.org
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