Pastor Danny M. Donaldson, Sr.

Pastor Danny M. Donaldson, Sr.

Senior Pastor

Pastor Danny M. Donaldson, Sr. is recognized as a man of humility. He is a teacher, businessman, community leader and the charismatic pastor of Rose Hill Church of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Pastor Donaldson is a shepherd with the spiritual conviction, moral aptitude and practical wisdom to restore people to God. Pastor Donaldson’s dynamic presentations break concepts down to a level that any listener can relate to while identifying with his unique blend of style, enthusiasm, humor, and authenticity.

A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Pastor Donaldson received both his graduate and an undergraduate degree from Southern University and is the proud son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Donaldson, husband of Lady Charmon Hawkins Donaldson and father to Megan and Danny Donaldson, Jr.

Pastor Donaldson adamantly believes that practical teaching produces a powerful living. He teaches the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ and willfully uses his life as a yielded and submitted vessel unto the Lord. His straightforward candor draws people out from the hazy shadows of their lives into clear purpose, promise and the perfect will of God.

As a mentor, Pastor Donaldson challenges all he encounters to become the person God destined them to be. His compassion for people causes him to diligently equip them with the tools necessary to make a powerful impact on their community, nations, and world.

A voice for the kingdom of God, Pastor Donaldson is truly a man after God’s own heart.
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